Wednesday, April 3, 2013

11 Very Small Dining Areas That Many People Have

Take a look at these very small and very simple dining areas many people like us have.

The above dining room reminds me of my friend's with a very nice view of the outside greeneries.

This one is good if you have many kids or frequent visitors.  Long chairs really helps because you can always squeeze in one more.

This one look similar with the previous one except the color.

This one very natural with the water container and flat irons on top of the chairs.

The view of the trees outside made this dining are just awesome.  Other than that, it needs a real makeover.

I can't imagine having yellow chairs at home accented with some blue stuff around.  But, with white wall, floor and ceiling, it looks good.

The safest color you can have if you have tiny spaces is white.  It will make your space look bigger.

This one is just elegant.  Those beautiful flowers just made the room so perfect.

The design looks very strong maybe because of the big fork on the wall but at the same time the accents like the pillows and flowers make it so feminine.

Again, flowers!  They always do the trick!

If you can't have flowers, then fruits will do!

The word small is truly relative.  What is small to you and me may not be small to others.  People who live in mansions and big houses may find these very small spaces a "space" at all.  But, to us who always wanted to squeeze in one more, these very small spaces for dining is almost a luxury already.


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